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Dr. Mai has been researching ways to optimize the health of humans and the environment for over 30 years, with a focus on the regenerative symbiosis between the two. Resilience speaks to the ability of a system to bounce back from a disturbance. This ability comes from a relationship and active engagement with one’s environment by continually exploring the limits or boundaries. Kristiina’s mission is to find ways to support optimal health and wellbeing by recognizing the importance of pushing our boundaries with care and curiosity while also nurturing our environment so that it can optimally support our needs.

Kristiina has degrees in Systems Design Engineering, Physiology and Biomedical Engineering, with continuing education including the private pilot licence, International Space University, yoga teacher certification, LEED professional and green roof professional training. Before joining Ryerson, Kristiina worked at Honeywell Aerospace, Aastra Aerospace and the Canadian Space Agency with an interest in the effects of the extreme environments of aviation and Space. Kristiina teaches Sustainability Engineering, Rehabilitation Engineering and Human Computer Interaction in the Electrical, Computer and Biomedical Engineering Department at Ryerson University. She supervises graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science and in Environmental Science and Management.




Lab Manager
MASc Student - Biomedical Engineering
B.Eng Biomedical Engineering

Devon is a graduate of Ryerson University with a B.Eng in Biomedical Engineering. His background is in general contracting, trades work and chain-driven vehicle repair. In the TMREL he works as a lab manager and construction consultant. His preferred areas of research are prosthetics and assistive living devices



Project Scientist
Post-Doctoral Fellow Electrical and Computer Engineering 
Ph.D. Electrical & Computer Engineering

Dharmendra’s research interest is in signal processing and machine learning for healthcare applications. He has published articles in various journals and conference proceedings in the related field. He is a member of the IEEE and a TC affiliate member of the IEEE machine learning for signal processing society. Dharmendra is also a reviewer for several journals such as IEEE TSP, IEEE TNSRE, DSP Elsevier, BSPC Elsevier, and Scientific Reports, Nature.

In his spare time, he volunteers his help to a charity called “We for Help (formerly Ek Prayas)” which he founded in 2015.



Graduate Student
PhD Student - Electrical and Computer Engineering
MASc Electrical and Computer Engineering

Luzalen is interested in doing interdisciplinary research on machine learning applications in different areas such as sustainability, culture preservation, human-computer interaction and biomedical engineering.


Qing Ze Cheng 

Graduate Student
MASc Student - Building Science
B.Eng Mechanical Engineering specialization in Mechatronics

Qing Ze Cheng, also known as Alex, has a background is in mechanical engineering with a specialization in mechatronics. Prior to joining RREL, Alex spent two months working with Ottawa-based food machinery supplier start-up, Growcer Inc. Alex's research involves the recovery of waste heat expelled from a container farm to a greenhouse for the purpose of extending the growing season and recovering energy.



Jeremy Lytle

MASc - Building Science
BSc Mechanical Engineering

Jeremy has a background is in mechanical engineering and prior to joining the TREL he spent two years working with Toronto based solar energy start-up Heliolytics. Jeremy’s research interests center around solar photovoltaics in the built environment with a focus on modelling and optimization of building level microgrids. He is also involved in the RREL green roof project, focusing on measurement and modelling of evapotranspiration from rooftop stormwater management systems.


Laura Minkowski

MASc Candidate - Biomedical Engineering
BESc. Civil Engineering

Laura is an MASc student in Ryerson’s Biomedical Engineering. Her background is in civil engineering and prior to joining the RREL she spent two years working with an industrial consulting company, Hatch. Laura’s research involves identification of features in EEG signals to classify severity of depression and anxiety.


Nika Zolfaghari

MASc Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.Eng Biomedical Engineering



Jeremy Wright

MASc - Building Science
BSc Mechanical Engineering

Jeremy has a background is in green roofs and currently works within the industry as business development and project manager. Jeremy’s research interests include the influence of green roof construction and systems and how it relates to embodied carbon as well as stormwater management. His background is in environmental economics and is gaining scientific experience through his tailored courses and research projects within the RREL. 


Pruthal Merchant

B.Eng Biomedical Engineering

Pruthal is a final year Biomedical Engineering student at Ryerson who is a Research Assistant at Ryerson Resilience Engineering Lab (RREL) since 2018. He is currently on his 14-month internship at Ontario Power Generation (OPG) where he works as a Project Management Intern.


Shahini Sirikantharajah

MASc Electrical and Computer Engineering
B.Eng Biomedical Engineering


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