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Rosary School Holiday Homework

Rosary School Holiday Homework

Rosary School is a Catholic educational institution that aims to provide quality education to its students, by inculcating in them human values of universal love and brotherhood/sisterhood. Rosary School has a long history of excellence in Catholic education since 1927. Rosary School also offers a variety of co-curricular activities and events for its students, such as Oktoberfest, Caritas' Project Compassion Appeal, and 3D Virtual School Tour .


As part of the academic curriculum, Rosary School assigns holiday homework to its students, to help them revise and reinforce the concepts learned in the classroom, and to prepare them for the upcoming term. The holiday homework is designed to be engaging, challenging, and fun for the students. The holiday homework covers various subjects, such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religion, Art, and Music. The holiday homework also encourages the students to explore their creativity and interests, by giving them opportunities to write stories, poems, essays, songs, or create artworks.

The holiday homework is divided into two parts: compulsory and optional. The compulsory part consists of assignments that are mandatory for all the students to complete and submit by the due date. The optional part consists of activities that are suggested for the students to do at their own pace and interest. The optional part is not graded, but it can help the students to enhance their skills and knowledge. The holiday homework is available on the school website, and can be downloaded or printed by the students.

The holiday homework is a valuable opportunity for the students to learn and grow during their holidays. It also helps them to develop good habits of self-study, time management, and responsibility. Rosary School hopes that the students will enjoy doing their holiday homework, and will come back refreshed and ready for the new term.


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